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Life Insurance Companies
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We do not sell insurance, nor are we affiliated with any insurance company.

Online insurance companies must compete for your business. They must have low rates or you will shop elsewhere. Our database of top companies is now online for you to find which ones have the lowest rates for your specific situation.

Just click the link above and follow the instructions. Our database search engine is specific to your underwriting situation, and it is updated every month with the latest rates. So you should bookmark us now, and check back often.

We don't sell insurance, so we have no reason to hide any life insurance company from your view. (Most Internet insurance sites sell insurance, and so they show you only the companies and rates which they can sell). As an independent company, our motivation is to provide you with a trusted, unbiased source of information.

Our Top 15 Life Insurance Companies

We review the database often to find out which companies have the lowest rates across 32 different non-tobacco underwriting categories. Here are the most recent results.

1. Ohio National   6. Cincinnati   11. Genworth Annuity
2. Banner Life   7. Transamerica   12. TIAA-CREF
3. MetLife   8. AAA Life   13. American General
4. Savings Bank   9. Assurity Life   14. Genworth Life
5. Protective Life   10. Northwestern   15. North American

Feel free to click on any of the above links for more information, including access to applications and competitive quotes. Please note that almost all companies sell only through agents. These might be "captive" agents, who only work for one company, or independent agents, free to represent many coompanies. If you contact a company to purchase coverage, they will not sell it to you. Rather, they will direct you to one of their agents.

Keep in mind that your top 15 (via the link at the top of the page) is specific to your age and other life underwriting factors. Our list is not, so use it as a quick reference point, and for general information.

Your Best Company

The top life insurance companies differ very little from each other in price. There are many other factors that go into the final selection. One very important factor is to know which companies are more likely to rate you in a "preferred" (cheaper) category, based on your health and life-style factors. The difference in price between between companies within a category is small, while the difference between categories can be quite large.

Another important consideration is the length of time it will take to obtain life insurance. Some companies take several months to complete the underwriting process and issue a policy. If you do not qualify for your requested rate category, you will have to decide whether to accept a more expensive category. Some companies are much better in this regard.

Don't be overly concerned with this very complicated process. A good independent agent, who works with many companies, will know the ins and outs of each company's underwriting process, and can help you choose the best one.

Other Competitive Companies

As we mentioned previously, our database has top companies. The other thousands of U.S. life insurance companies do not compete in the term insurance market. They sell other (more expensive) policies, which are useful for special situations.

Here is the balance of our top thirty list in random order. (Disclaimer: all information on this page is editorial in nature and represents the opinion of the authors. We welcome input, but we make all final decisions.)

Fidelity   MONY   Northwestern Mutual
Lincoln Benefit   USAA   AXA Equitable
Jackson National   Western Reserve   Pruco
John Hancock   Penn Mutual   The Travelers
Lincoln National   Met Life   First Penn-Pacific

Other Good Sources

Here are some other good sources for life insurance shoppers:

Thank you for visiting. We hope this information helps as you shop for life insurance. Remember: your top companies are more important to you than our overall top 30. For your convenience, here is the link again. Click it to find your top

Life Insurance Companies

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Life Insurance Companies